Invest in Your Future, Make a Difference in Your Community

So, let’s talk numbers. The financial aspect of starting a franchise is an important factor, so it’s vital to evaluate the startup capital you will need to begin this journey. At Spaulding Decon Industries, we’ve worked hard to build an investment structure that meets the needs of our potential franchisees, and owning one of our territories is actually quite reasonable. The breakdown of costs includes:

  • Startup capital: $95,700-$147,900
  • Cost of territories:
    • $45,000 for the first territory
    • $35,000 for each subsequent territory
    • Veterans receive a 10 percent discount
  • Marketing fee: 3 percent of total revenue
    • This fee goes toward creating marketing collateral for your franchise, and since all marketing efforts are automated, this is one area of your business you won’t need to be concerned about.
  • Technology fee: $300 a month
    • This fee covers your territory on our website and entitles you to the use of our software. We have an automated CRM that allows franchisees to do their own estimates easily.
  • Royalties: 8 percent of your gross sales
    • This royalty fee entitles you to the use of the Spaulding Decon Industries name, our collateral, use of our proprietary cleaning products, and much more.

In return, what we offer to you as one of our franchisees is unbeatable service that goes above and beyond. We’re not just giving you our name to slap on your trucks and a basic business plan to follow, only to disappear when you need us for support. We’re giving you unwavering support, detailed trainings, and access to the best products to make sure your franchise business runs smoothly from the get-go. Take a look at what you’ll get as a Spaulding Decon Industries franchisee:

  • A 24/7 support line - Our corporate team will always be available to answer your questions. In fact, we even have a 24/7 call center line just for our franchisees.
  • Comprehensive training programs - As part of the franchise setup cost, you and your team will come to our corporate location in Tampa, Florida, for two weeks of training. During this training, you’ll learn about the proper cleanup techniques and become familiar with the laws and regulations regarding specialty cleanup services in your territory.
  • Assistance getting your business off the ground - We can send a member of our corporate team to your location to help with setting up your business as your team prepares for your franchise’s grand opening. We also offer our expert assistance with website and marketing efforts to make sure your workflow never slows down.
  • Proprietary cleaning products - We use professional-grade, proprietary cleaning products, which are designed to effectively and safely remove biohazardous materials. Every Spaulding Decon Industries franchise gets exclusive access to these products.

If you are a results-driven, high-energy individual who is looking to begin a business in a booming industry, then a franchise with Spaulding Decon Industries is exactly what you need. Contact us today or fill out the form on our website for more information.