Our Advantages

A Unique Business Opportunity - What Sets Spaulding Decon Apart

Spaulding Decon isn’t your average, everyday cleaning company. We’re not a household or corporate cleaner that simply arrives at a home or business to do a deep clean of the space every week or so. Instead, we service specific cleaning jobs - jobs that require much stronger cleaning supplies than an ordinary cleaning company has on hand. Our services include crime scene cleanup, meth lab decontamination, and mold remediation - all of which bring with them biohazardous materials like blood, drug residue, and bodily fluids that require specialty, professional-grade cleaning supplies. Therefore, there are relatively few competitors in the crime scene cleanup industry that are able to compete on a national level.

This means that our franchisees face relatively small competition in the areas they serve, and can quickly become a leading company in their community. But, rest assured, that’s not the only advantage of becoming a crime scene cleanup franchise with Spaulding Decon. Our franchisees also benefit from:

  1. Multiple revenue streams: Not only do our emergency cleanup services keep us busy, but we provide many other services our competitors do not.
  2. Highly-profitable services: High profit margins that are typically paid by owner's insurance.
  3. Recession-proof workflow: Services that we provide continue to be in demand irrespective of the economy
  4. Low overhead cost: Inexpensive warehouse space and very few employees make our overhead very low.
  5. Large working territories Most cleanup companies typically cover 50,000 inhabitants per franchise. You'll have the ability to work in territories of 500,000 inhabitants or more

It’s easy to see why more and more people are partnering with Spaulding Decon as a crime scene cleanup franchise. We also offer all of the training your cleanup crews need, and provide a franchise development team to help your business get off the ground. If you’d like to learn more about our franchise opportunities, contact Spaulding Decon today.